International Meetings of Arts Multi-media

18 at 26 november 2005 of Marseille

Drawing from the new forms of sociability produced by Internet, the International Meetings of Arts Multi-media 2005 plunge in the city, until merging with it for acting better there of the interior like a virus. By the setting in network of various places, it is a question of creating an urban circulation, of stimulating meetings with the artists and works. In a city in work, chaotic and disorganized, open other disseminated play-grounds, building sites of exchange of ideas and sensitivities. An at the same time ethical and aesthetic refléxion on the stakes of technologies in the field of contemporary creation.

The RIAM have chooses to accompany each artist in the production by works which will be, for the majority, presented for the first time. This choice is also a report of the exhaustion of the model of the festivals: with the event, with the simultaneity, one will prefer the meetings, the pauses, for better proposing the singular step of each artist. It is not any more question of asserting an independent territory for numerical arts, but of as well creating transverse dialogues with actors in the field of the contemporary art as in that of the electronic musics or the experimental scenic writings.