Aurélien Froment

samturday 27th february at 7pm in la Compagnie

Aurélien Froment
"Théâtre de poche" (Pocket theatre)
Video installation

The Aurélien Froment’s artistic approach is taking a constellation shape in which the creations are putting spectators in the middle of a sort of open scenario. His films, photography and books are operating as uninterrupted stories’ snatches, in which narrative construction, fiction or documentary, take the main point. He creates a space where image’s technology and produced gestures are put into perspective, superimposed, distinguished, affected, and combined each other, exploring images’ semantic power.

In the "Théâtre de Poche" (Pocket theatre) film, a magician is distributing images from different contexts and combines it associatively. The artist draw his inspiration from a magician of the 1930s, Arthur Lloyd, also named as “cards men’s indication”. Not using conjuring’s special effects, his repertoire consists in the images requested by the audience’s apparition on his jacket, from Pise tower to a pharmacy receipt. The generic nature of images, that seems to be floating in the air, is disturbed by the visual construction’s much organised dimension. The magician establishes a dialogue between a prompter and two others characters (jack of spades and jack of hearts) which brakes the correspondence between the spectators expectations and the conjuring random occurrence.

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