Charles Pennequin & Pakito Bolino

In l’Embobineuse saturday 27th february at 9 pm

Charles Pennequin & Pakito Bolino

Born in 1965 in Cambrai (North of France). Excellent reader of his own text, he plies the hard and queer policeman profession and often appears as one of the best new generation poet, or at least, one of the most appealing. He is also a generous poet, able to show a real and unusual interest in books written by others, seniors or colleagues.

Charles Pennequin has been « discovered » by Christian Prigent as a writer who led him through his passionate readings. The Pennequin’s poetry is « essentially silly » (as Baudelaire told about great poetry), with amazing lector spirit’s impregnation strength and image disrupt as current circulation’s sentences.

Publishing in numerous magazines. Performances and lives all over France and a bit outside. Videos and drawings hastily made. Blogs writing. Improvisations with dictaphone, microphone, in his car or during train travel. Few cries along railways. Small songs in the books. Public poems dilapidated. Writing on walls. Charles Pennequin is alive since he was born.

Pakito Bolino is an editor, exhibition organizer, printer and artist. In his review " Hôpital Brut " (Gross hospital), the hyperactive boy gathers around him his international graphics terrorism’s comrades. Without fear of extreme or taboo, he concocts a grand images’ chaos, comics, photographs, collages, texts, interviews and other unidentified provocations. His publisher, Le Dernier Cri (The Last Scream), found in 1993, helps him in his dreams realization : he publish his works and those of others in limited screen printed books, he makes crazy films, full of madness which exceeds imagination. He works with numerous artists as Gary Panter, Charles Burns, David Sandlin, Jonathon Rosen, Mark Beyer, Mike Diana (USA), M.S. Bastian, Thomas Ott (Switzerland), Hendrik Dorgathen, Stu Mead (Germany), Julie Doucet, Henriette Valium (Canada), Keiti Ôta (Japan), Matti Hagelberg, Elina Merenmies (Finland), Stéphane Blanquet, Blex Bolex, Moulinex (France)...

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