Disrupt & MC Soom T

saturday 6th mach au Cabaret Aléatoire at 10:00 pm.

Disrupt et MC soom T (DE: Jahtari)

After a few years of experimenting around with the most different equipment and styles (from Gabba over Digital Hardcore to Electronica) Disrupt finally came to love Dub and Reggae with all his heart. From the lack of money and other possibilies came the idea of doing Dub himself with just the tool at hand - a cheap laptop. The first attempts on tracks in this veine were released in May 2004 on the highly recommended PHONOCAKE netlabel as the ’A Fistful Of Dub’-EP. This release turned out to become a small surprise hit which gave enough motivation for them to pursue the whole thing further on and eventually start their own JAHTARI label in Nov 2004.

Since then JAHTARI and the concept behind it virtually exploded in many ways. First of all a supernice network of fellow musicians from all over the globe who produce their music in a kind of similar approach started to develop and is rapidly extending still. Lots of great and - in a way - even new stuff came from that. Their bunch of releases in the funny NET-EPs, of which Disrupt supplied a few, found a huge number of people who to seem like their sound and approach a lot. At least the crazy download numbers and the feedback they get hint to that. A wave of gigs and even a surprising amount of media interest followed.

As they’re always pushing the dub sound onwards with fresh ideas and equal amounts of dirty heaviness and a good dose of humour, there’s no end in sight for future goodness. Soom T is the Glaswegian wonder known to many for her eclectic vocal stylings and mass collaborations having shared a studio and over 40 record releases since 1999 with the likes of The Orb, T.Raumschmiere, King Creosote, Miss Kittin, The Bug, Mungos Hifi, Bus, Asian Dub Foundation and many other style defining artists, securing Soom T’s position as an innovator of originally developed musical disciplines. Having spent the last 10 years releasing and recording, Soom T’s character has become infamous within the industry as a buoyant, comedic and somewhat eccentric one with an exceptional vocal talent, definitive style, quirky yet highly distictive voice & strong political & spiritual viewpoint permeating her intelligent poetic writings, gradually gaining the Indo-Scot a cult state following with fans eager to commute from various countries to witness her rare public appearances.

Her current projects include recordings with Scottish Reggae soundsystem masters, Mungos Hifi, Gypsy Rock 8 Piece Conkers, a collaborative folk music album for Bluebells Ken McCluskey’s Root 8 Label, Prodigy-esqe co-produced project No Step with ex-Senser producer and production partner Hagos who Soom T owns and runs the label No Step Productions. On recording several tracks with Disrupt and fellow label mates Maffi, Soom T discovered a production vibe undoubtedly suited to her progressive vocal output and vowed to dedicate to the new found sound known simply as Digital Laptop Reggae. With a bundle of European shows with Disrupt and several riotous crowd churning sets having left a firm imprint on European audiences, the Jahtari and Soom T marriage looks set to become a union of legendary proportions.


Cabaret Aléatoire
Friche de la Belle de Mai; 41, rue Jobin 13003 Marseille

Easy access to people with restricted mobility.

Prices : 16 € at the entry, 14 € in presales on DIGITICK and on espaceculture.net + 1 € membership card to Cabaret Aléatoire.