Edith Azam

saturday 27th february in l’Embobineuse at 9 pm.

Edith Azam
Performance reading

Edith Azam is born in 1973. She had studied Modern literature and Education science. She quickly abandons teaching to focus on writing and public readings, especially in Lodève, Limoux, Carcassonne, Valleraugues, Pau and in 24th Poetry Market. She is supported by Julien Blaine, Charles Pennequin, and Laurent Cauwet (Al Dante editions ). She’s often binomially working, especially writing with Sophie Namer, Victor Mocci-Mazy or Charles Pennequin, or with the choreographer Muriel Piqué.


Tarifs : 6 € + 1 € d’adhésion à L’Embobineuse

11, Bld Boués 13003 Marseille
Tel : 04 91 50 66 09