Gilles Pourtier

Thursday 25th february in Montevideo at 7pm.

Gilles Pourtier
"Les standards observent les formats"
Sound installation, only on 25th february evening

Gilles Pourtier is interrested in relations between translation, compression, digital data circulation’s systems and low tech or analogical media and mediums. In this work he scanned a vinyl to translate it into a digital image. Then, the image is decrypted by a software to turn it into sound. Afterward, the produced sound is written on another vinyl and played on a turntable. So, the sound played is produced by the vinyl’s image. This process shows the current homogenization of music’s universe induced by digital technology. Henceforth, every sound media (as vinyl and his visual dimension like album cover) seems to move toward the virtual digitalized world. This compression of an infinite variety of formats, scales and colors on the screens surfaces, is what Gilles Pourtier attempt to rematerialize.

After studying literature, Gilles Pourtier start a vocational training of glassworker, completed in Nancy at CERFAV (European Center for Research and Training in art glass). Then, he works in London as a technician at Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College and after at Westminster Adult Education Service. In 2006, he enters the ENSP and receives his graduation in 2009. During his three years of studies in Arles, he develops a personal work combining photography, multimedia and video. His photographic work has been shown during the exhibition They’re photographing, they’re writing in Arles in march 2009. At the International Meetings of Photography in 2009, he appears in the exhibition A specific attention. Currently, he lives and works in Marseille.

3, impasse Montévidéo 13006 Marseille
Tel : 04 91 04 69 59