saturday 6rd march in Cabaret Aléatoire

MC2 (FR, marseille)

MC2 has been created by two musicians from different worlds. M for Miosine and C for C.Kel, completing the famous formula E = MC2. An “electroglitchop” style with infectious energy! There is stylishness in operating and recycling’s sounds technique: sounds are produced by computer bugs, by a skipping CD, or by an inverted sound … Their talent is to success in harmonizing the whole with groovy bass shaken by hip-hop beats and electro. After a first meeting for a drum’n’bass remix realization in september 2008, Miosine and C.Kel have decided to work together on a common project, in a hip hop-electro line.
Thereby, the duet MC2 is born: Miosine, alchemist of electroacoustic sound, playing easily in contemporary works’ composition of electro music; C.Kel, a dj and Drum’n’bass, Dubstep and Break Beatmaker, is liked for his mixes and productions firing the dance floor in a few seconds!!! The duet is quickly singled out, in particular with the Toxick piece’s remix (original from Missill) which is signed up on Discograph label in december 2008.
In this success continuity, the MC2 received an offer for remixing “erasing frustrations” piece brought out in November 2009, a piece of So?Mash! the hip hop-electro-soul band… In september 2009, the rhythm go faster and MC2 win the LeonizerRec contest with the Come On piece remix (original from Nasser). Brought out in october 2009.

Cabaret Aléatoire
Friche de la Belle de Mai; 41, rue Jobin 13003 Marseille

Easy access to people with restricted mobility.

Prices : 16€ at the entry, 14€ in presales on DIGITICK and on + 1€ membership card to Cabaret Aléatoire.