Vincent Epplay & Samon Takahashi

In l’embobineuse on friday 26th february at 9 pm

Vincent Epplay & Samon Takahashi
Duo pour Synthi AKS et Janotron.

Since a tenth years, Vincent Epplay and Samon Takahashi are exploring opportunities of musical duo. From gigs (Plasm) to electronic composition, interpretations of anthology pieces (Trios de Tristram Cary), and psychedelic replay (on Pierre Clémenti’s films), their music is not only electroacoustic but extends in kraut rock, noise and groove. If there was a family of legends to situate them it would be between Schaeffer & Henry and Rox & Rouky, Ike & Tina and Heckel & Jeckel …

Now, " Duo to Synthi AKS and Janotron " is a new device system in construction. Epplay and Takahashi are conversing, whispering, bawling through the legendary Synthi AKS and the home-made Janotron, multiple analogical instrument created by Jean-Marcel Busson. A hard sonic dual based on untempered and indomitable electronic instruments.

Tarifs : 7 € + 1 € d’adhésion à L’Embobineuse

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Tel : 04 91 50 66 09