Why am I Mr Pink ?

In montévidéo at 11pm.

Why am I Mr Pink ? (Grenouille radio)
Dj set

Why am i mr PinK ? is the assumed name of this selector, influenced by Mutant Disco Punk and captivated by 78s to 86s energy since it seems to exist no rules anymore. The Post-Punk have tried to continue the unaccomplished punk revolution, exploring new sound potentialities of Disco, Hip-Hop, Jazz, emerging Electro, Dub, Funk, drums and New Wave.
From then on, every boldness and every hybrids was possible. Nowadays, this clash seems to be very pertinent and is continuing through excavation works or productions realized by distinctive labels as Tigersushi, Strut, Rong, Codek, Gomma, Soul Jazz Records, DFA or Stones Throw. And now LET THE MUSIC PLAY!


3, impasse Montévidéo 13006 Marseille
Tel : 04 91 04 69 59