Yann Leguay

thursday 25th fébruary in Montevideo

Yann Leguay
Sound performance

The artist presents Cutter Off,a performance version of the Dead_Media project wich consist in a « dissection » of a vinyl with use of micro-contact plugged surgical tools. This is a scalable mix. Starting from a blank disk, the burning is realized in live, immersing people in a sound universe of industrial noise and acoustic-electronica.

Yann Legay is neither using samples nor effects : he’s creating melody to deconstruct it and work essentially by combining different materials. If an accident occurs (as a movement of the turntable’s arm), it’s integrated to the performance by the burning process. Every concerts are different, because if the artist knows in advance the types of sounds he could be produce, he doesn’t know how he would combine that sounds : groovy, noisy, sometimes dub when speakers allow harder rhythmic. The set depends on time and space but is always based on sound loops of the disk on the turntable.


Tarifs : 5 € abonnés, 7 € tarif réduit et 9 € plein tarif.

3, impasse Montévidéo 13006 Marseille
Tel : 04 91 04 69 59