Vendredi 19 octobre à 23 h – 05 h.

Soirée en collaboration avec Métaphore Collectif.

Secret Place

10/13€ + frais de loc sur prévente. Toutes les infos par ICI.

Avec: Deuil1500, Giant Swan et Nene H.



Straight outta Bruxelles ratcity is one of the most prolific project right now.
Vastechoses, Simple Music Experience, l’Entorse, Natural Siences, unknown precept … all those bad frequentations say it all…

From early-Ministry to Coil’s darkest moments, TT sounds like middle age Marilyn Manson on speed.

while the live act flirt with some mixed up punk, goth, stroboscopic-industrial with a real ‘Suicide on steroids’ vibe.

No more words.
Time to die.